Recasting the Future of Financial Advice

Bonsai offers financial professionals a new approach to ensure greater certainty for their clients as they plan for their financial future.

“Bonsai was created with the vision of recasting the future of financial advice. The foundation of this vision is based on managing the entirety of a client’s balance sheet with the same level of dedication and diligence that it takes to bonsai a tree. At Bonsai, we are obsessed with empowering our clients and partners to achieve their determined outcomes.”

– Robert DeChellis, Bonsai Founder & CEO

Bonsai Exchange

We offer financial professionals carefully selected risk-management solutions to achieve determined outcomes for their clients.

Bonsai Advisors

Leveraging a world class digital infrastructure, innovative practice management models and the proprietary Bonsai Philosophy, the Bonsai Advisor is able to drive unprecedented value.

Bonsai Consulting

Bonsai empowers organizations to rethink, retool and differentiate themselves in an ever-changing market.

Attempting to plan for the future without taking into account the full complexity of a client's balance sheet is destined to end up with uncertain outcomes.

We understand the complexity of managing personal balance sheets through both accumulation and decumulation

Seeing the Whole Picture.

The Bonsai Philosophy addresses this uncertainty by leveraging an innovative approach to holistically manage a client's balance sheet.

Asset Perspective - this includes looking at traditional investments, real assets, pensions, social security, inheritance as well as a deep understanding of the value of human capital.

Liability Perspective - this dynamically addresses both current and future liabilities including healthcare, retirement expenses, aspirational expenses as well as terminal wealth.

The interaction of personal choices, situations and goals while effectively navigating market forces allows Bonsai to understand the value of a balance sheet both today and in the future. This holistic approach and the identification of hidden risks enables us to effectively manage the client's determined outcomes.

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Our Point of View - Your Outcomes

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